All About Alice

I am Alice, a freelance Facilitator, Scrum master/ Delivery manager and change maker based in London.

My main focus is on, working with digital agencies to implement the required facets that provide happy and successful Agile teams. Through facilitation and collaboration I aim to build trust and transparency within teams to increase well being, happiness and in turn create high levels of team and customer satisfaction.

How did I get here?

In 2008 I graduated with a Degree in Neuroscience which has spurred my interest in all things to do with the mind and the way in which we interact, not just with each other but also with technology.
Since then I have worked between developer and project manager roles. Initially this was in the printing industry but as time progressed printing has become an gently fading industry I hopped into working in open source web where I have been happily working with several different clients over the last 3 years.